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New ‘Secret’ Documentary About Brett Kavanaugh to Premiere and It’s BAD NEWS for Mr. ‘I Like Beer’

A documentary is debuting at the Sundance Film Festival and it focuses on the allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and it looks to be a high-powered one at that. The “secret” project comes from the director of such movies as The Bourne Identity and Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

During his Supreme Court confirmation hearings, Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault by Christine Blasey Ford. Kavanaugh repeatedly denied her allegations numerous times. Now, however, director Doug Liman, who is behind the upcoming documentary, has said in a statement about his documentary that the FBI “fell woefully short” during an investigation into Kavanaugh, Mediaite reports.

“It shouldn’t be this hard to have an open and honest conversation about whether or not a Justice on the Supreme Court assaulted numerous women as a young man,” Liman said in a press statement. “Thanks to this fantastic investigative team and the brave souls who trusted us with their stories, Justice picks up where the FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh fell woefully short.”

Relatively few details have been revealed about Justice, which IndieWire described as a project that was kept “secret,” but Kim Yutani, director of the Sundance Film Festival said it’s a movie that “challenges existing narratives.”

“It is a very powerful documentary that we felt was important to add,” Yutani said. “We saw it practically yesterday, and it’s a film that I think challenges existing narratives, I think it asks tough questions, and I think it provokes conversations.”

Justice is Liman’s first documentary, Raw Story reports. He’s also filming an upcoming remake of Roadhouse with Jake Gyllenhaal and a movie starring Tom Cruise that will actually be filmed in space.

The idea of Cruise doing a spacewalk is fascinating of course, and while as entertainment this certainly sounds fun, it’s also wonderful that Liman sought to shed light on Kavanaugh’s behavior towards women and whether or not the FBI dropped the ball.

The film is available for acquisition and premiered Friday evening, IndieWire reports.

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