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Twitter in Hysterics Over New Video: Melania’s AWKWARD Dance with Trump as Something ‘Bizarre’ Goes On Behind

There is nothing really “exciting” going on in the video below other than the fact that it exists. How many times did we expect to see Melania dancing with Trump? And, though he probably has her in a vice grip, she is doing a good job of not showing it, as they seem almost “intimate,” and THAT is a word you were not expecting (as applied to them, not you).

Perhaps it is in the marital contract. Twice a year, she has to act absolutely real and dance as if she loves him. That’s mean. Might be true.

But there are some other weird things going on. Even though it is a large room filled with many people, Trump and Melania appear to be the only ones dancing. Maybe it was their honor. There are three people in this (my) house, including a daughter and a mystery guest who may get a real dance. I don’t know the song. My daughter doesn’t know the song, and the mystery guest doesn’t know the song. Nicole and I are more entertained by what Ron pointed out. W.T.F. is going on behind Mr. and Mrs. Donald Trump? Two women “dance” (?) behind Trump and not together. Additionally, while Don and Mel are “acting” like a couple at a romantic wedding dance, the two women are acting like they’re in a club.

Here, have at it, and then read what Twitter made of all of it.

Twitter, tell the three of us what’s going on.

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