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Trump Reportedly Isolated at Mar-a-Lago, Terrified, Lonely, Resented, and With No Place to Go

Let’s see. How has Trump been doing lately?

Well, for one, and most importantly, he has come out as a legitimate anti-Semite, hanging out with Ye and Nick Fuentes. Even more disgusting, in the aftermath, Trump only denied knowing Fuentes. He never said anti-Semitism is abhorrent. He would never knowingly host anyone who had such beliefs. Silence on that. Big trouble.

He advocated for terminating the Constitution, something so stupid that every single Republican interviewed so far must deny, and it probably ended Trump’s campaign for the presidency. It is embarrassing to every MAGA.

And, of course, Trump lost the U.S. Senate for the GOP by picking Walker, Oz, and Masters. These races wouldn’t have been guaranteed wins, but they were guaranteed to be a lot closer. As many Republicans have noted, Trump has now lost three elections in a row for the GOP.

Oh, and his company was found guilty of about 132 felonies (Or something like that), and he is looking at the strong possibility of indictments in the near future.

So, why would Trump want to leave Mar-a-Lago? Where would he even be welcome outside Mar-a-Lago? He can summon the few friends he has left. And, wow, has he ever “summoned” Kari Lake, perhaps as a new partner… define that however you choose. They’re tight.

So, of course, Trump is basically imprisoned at Mar-a-Lago, which – admittedly, is about as nice a prison for which one might hope, if you can get over the gaudy… the fact that Trump is there.

According to the WaPo:

The former president presents our biggest risk of losing for 2024, and conservatives are tired of losing,” said Bob Vander Plaats, head of the Family Leader, an Iowa-based social conservative group. “Even the former president’s announcement is being greeted like it never happened. There’s no buzz amongst my network at all.”

And Uproxx:

Despite Trump hunkering down at his golf club, his campaign told the Post that the former president will start holding rallies and events in the new year. In fact, Trump meant to keep things quiet after his announcement and instead focus on “staffing up.” Yeah, that’s the ticket…

Do you know who should be staffing up right now and touring the country as opposed to being ensconced in Florida? That’s correct. Ron DeSantis picks out all the good staff that have won elections before. Trump is left with the mouth breathers. He finds them relatable.

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