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Ivana Trump Is Trending Hard on Twitter Over Some ‘Odd’ Questions About Her Passing

Ivana Trump is trending hard on Twitter.

‘Gonna handle this delicately. There is certainly no proof of anything, though many people who don’t trust Donald Trump – which is a good starting point – who inhabit the more paranoid corners of Twitter have theories regarding Ivana’s death and burial. And let’s just put it this way, though there is no evidence that anything nefarious happened, as indicated by the medical examiner’s findings and lack of any law-enforcement interest in what was deemed a natural death. All of this is established; there are weird questions. They are ONLY questions.

Ivana was buried on Trump’s private property, his golf course (tax break), but more importantly, she was cremated (small container) but had a seven-foot coffin that required ten men to carry it, and Twitter users suggest that the ten men were struggling to carry the weight. There is no proof of the struggle with the weight. There are some weird pictures below. The conspiracy theory (with a few questions that are at least worth reading), is that Trump buried a ton of documents in that casket and, buried on a golf course controlled by Trump in New Jersey, would be relatively easy to dig up on January 10th (as an example), at 1:00 a.m., under a foot of snow, just some serious equipment. Additionally, at least as of a few months ago, the grave was beyond “plain,” not covered by flowers.

So, here is the Liberal QAnon movement, often referred to as “Blue Anon,” and we simply want to highlight some questions that are… weird, that’s all, just weird. Because while Ivana was weak and needed some help getting around, death by falling down stairs is one of Putin’s calling cards.

First, this isn’t the “first” time weird deaths happened at a weird time in Trump’s life:

The one below really has people doubting things though it’s just as easily explained by Trump ordering extra “quality” caskets.

It should also be noted that to get the courts to sign off on a warrant to dig up a grave is one of the most difficult things to do outside of a murder, and she is cremated anyway, so… this will not likely happen without two corroborating witnesses.

We take no position at all on evidence of foul play with respect to Ivana. Nothing has been found. It is true that with Trump, there is no bottom:

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