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Don Jr. Looked VERY SICK at Recent Speaking Event and Twitter Has Some Thoughts

The Young Republicans held a big gala in Manhattan last week where, as Ron Filipkowski says, “God only knows what goes on inside.” We’ve already reported on one aspect of what went on inside, Marjorie Taylor-Greene told the audience that if she and Steve Bannon had planned January 6th, they would’ve been armed, and they would have “won.” Now, January 6th is no longer a “protest” but an official battle that requires shooting people… There is no end.

But that was one of the most “newsworthy” events from last night or at least words that one could put in quotation marks. But perhaps the real news from last night is how Don Jr. looked. We have all seen him careening down in his video rants. No one likes Don Jr., at least no one on this staff. But there isn’t a single person on this staff who wants to see addiction take another life. Anyone’s life. Obviously, we can’t “report” that Don Jr. is succumbing to addiction, but he does look like he’s dying in the picture below. We have a compare/contrast here.

Take this picture, and forget how crazy he looks while looking at his fish. Fishing is a far better pursuit than hunting exotic and endangered trophy animals in Africa. The point is he looks fairly healthy:

But that is out on a fishing trip, probably somewhere out west or in the Appalachian areas. Contrast that Don Jr. with the one who spoke last night at the Young Republicans dinner. In this picture, he looks like a man suffering from cancer or dying from something.

Oh, god. Some of us know that look. We are not reporting that Don Jr. has any specific problem, only that he does appear to have a health problem, and we wish he would seek treatment for it. Go be governor of Wyoming or something, Junior. Get out of the city, get out of the race, get away, and get healthy.

People on Twitter had some thoughts:

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