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Conservatives Are Going NUTS After Bette Midler Drops a Truth Bomb About Kyle Rittenhouse

I want to start this off with something important. Kyle Rittenhouse is not a murderer. He was found not guilty by a jury of his peers and therefore in the eyes of the law, he is not guilty of murder. Of course that doesn’t mean Rittenhouse is innocent. The truth is that when Rittenhouse was 17, and too young by law to own the AR-15 style rifle he was using that night in Kenosha, Wisconsin, he shot 3 people, killing two of them. This is the truth.

And now, Rittenhouse is held up as some kind of hero by the right, despite being anything but. He should’ve never went to Wisconsin that night. He should’ve never been using that gun. And he shouldn’t have shot three men, killing two of them. He’s no hero. He’s a young man who is addicted to gun culture and it caused what happened that fateful night in August 2020.

Now, singer and actress posted a tweet about Rittenhouse, that is very true, and it’s driving conservatives nuts.

First the tweet:

And for the record, we are not 100% sure that it Rittenhouse. It looks like him, but the point is the same. Young boys are given guns at young ages and it’s just not normal. Guns for hunting is one thing. But guns for “protection” is another.

Conservatives love the word groomer. A groomer is when someone builds a relationship, trust and emotional connection with a child or young person so they can manipulate, exploit and abuse them. But Midler has a point here. Putting a rifle meant for war in the hands of a CHILD is also grooming…grooming them to potentially be violent and use deadly force as a first course of action.

Here are what some conservatives are saying…I will follow it with what liberals are saying:

Liberals saw things differently:

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