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Trump Posts Very Dark and Disturbing Thanksgiving Message on Truth Social and People are Disgusted

Trump is all badass on this Thanksgiving afternoon when everyone else was having turkey, ideally with friends and family, or at least phone calls with friends and family. Trying to feel good about life.

Really, from a bird’s eye view, Trump has a lot to be thankful for. He is surrounded by his third wife, his juvenile son (surely, Trump’s greatest source of happiness), and all his other kids and their families. Trump may be the only grandfather on Earth who isn’t excited about having the grandkids over. The family must gather at  Mar-a-Lago for the buffet. (The chefs at Mar-a-Lao probably manage to have juicy white meat with perfectly done dark meat because they know to split the bird and cook the dark meat longer). He is a very wealthy man who appears to still have decent health for someone his age. He’s a former president of the United States and has all the perks that come with it.

But Trump doesn’t feel very thankful this Thanksgiving day, and any pain he feels all traces back to his own reckless and ruthless behavior. He feels persecuted, and that is probably appropriate. He has lawsuits coming at him from every direction and has a special prosecutor looking at two specific instances of felony behavior. So Trump’s message this Thanksgiving Day seems a bit self-absorbed and a threat.

Ah. Well, Trump isn’t the type who would die for his own cause, and thus that would seem like a threat to others. Give me my liberty, or I’ll sick death on others. The message is clear, though. Prosecute me, and I’ll find people to fight to the death.

Nice, we should all give thanks that he’s that close to being prosecuted.

Twitter was disgusted:

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