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It Looks Like We Know Why MTG is Getting a Divorce, She’s Been Palling Around With MAGA Anchor

Family values, guys! FAMILY VALUES.

We recently learned Marjorie Taylor Greene is getting divorced, and it just so happens she’s been spending a lot of time with Brian Glenn, program director for the MAGA video website Right Side Broadcasting Network.

As reported by The Daily Mail, “Their closeness couldn’t have been more apparent than last week in Rome, Georgia, when the Republican firebrand picked up Glenn in her blacked-out SUV and the pair schmoozed at rallies, dined à deux and drove to the home where she is staying following the split from her husband Perry.”

And here’s where it gets a little obvious, “Glenn left his wife just three days after Greene’s 50-year-old husband filed to end their 27-year marriage in late September, divorce papers he filed two weeks later reveal.”

Glenn denied the affair to the Daily Mail and said, “My divorce has nothing to do with Marjorie Taylor Greene.” Yeah sure.

The Daily Mail uncovered Marj’s last affair as well. Last year Marj “cheated on her husband with Craig Ivey – dubbed the “polyamorous tantric sex guru” – and then moved on to gym manager Justin Tway. She filed for divorce but reconciled with Perry two months later.”

And Rob Filipkowski pointed out all the times they have appeared together recently, take a look:

And The Daily Mail have lots of photos of them together, including one photo of Glenn putting his suitcase in Marj’s car:

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