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Herschel Walker Says He’ll Debate Joy Reid ‘Anytime She Show Up’… Then He Doesn’t Answer Phone

Joy Anne Reid is one of MSNBC’s most-talented hosts and has been for a long time. She earned her primetime slot and her own show through hard work and a sharp and creative intellect. Additionally, as a black woman, she sees day-to-day life through a different lens than people who are not black women. It’s invaluable insight.

So, this sharp woman who sees the world with such clarity doesn’t like Herschel Walker. Or a least she doesn’t like his campaign. And she has been one of his biggest critics. Because she is Joy Reid, she is a very effective critic. She is so effective that someone brought up the idea of a debate between the two. No one is sure who brought up the idea of a debate between Joy and Walker, but the idea is just so scrumptious that one could see it as a pay-per-view event even though it would be a first-round knockout.

Herschel agreed to it! Indeed, he said that he would debate Joy Reid:

Herschel demands to debate @JoyAnnReid: “Any time of the day. Any day of the week she want to debate. She can show up here and I’ll debate her. She can come up with the subject, and let’s go at it.”


After accepting Herschel’s challenge hours after this post live on her show, @JoyAnnReid  says tonight that his campaign won’t return their calls.

Yeah. Kind of like when one is behind on a loan (when has that ever happened? Try being a writer…), and you look at the phone and just think, “Ah, this would not be a good time to talk…” until you get your next payment in, it appears the Walker campaign has decided it is a good time to not take any calls from the 212 area code, you know?

Damn, it’d be a brutal fight, something that is normally abhorrent, but if someone ever deserved it… I’d pay to watch a one-legged guy in an ass-kicking contest.

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