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Gingrich Blames ‘Despicable’ Biden’s Strategy of ‘Demonizing Republicans’ for the GOP’s Midterm Losses

The sheer brazenness of a Trump-following Republican like Newt Gingrich saying that he finds it “sad” that Biden’s “demonization” of Republicans seems to have “worked,” is just yet another example of the daily projection and victimization that defines the MAGA movement. One wonders whether Gingrich has ever heard Trump speak about those “horrible people” who oppose him, calling Democrats Communists, the branding – “Crazy Nancy,” (Whom he called an animal on Monday night),  even Trump’s own characterization of Ron “DeSanctimonious.” But it was Biden who was “despicable” for demonizing a party?

“I was surprised, because I thought with the inflation rate and the price of food and the price of gasoline, with the crime rate that we have seen – I thought all those things would have made for a very big Republican night. And I have to say, much as I think it’s despicable, the Biden strategy of demonizing Republicans – I think did have an impact and will probably become part of the definition of the Democratic Party.”

Again, has he heard Donald Trump speak? Has he heard Ron DeSantis speak? Ted Cruz? Josh Hawley? Was he alive on January 6th?

President Biden certainly did have an impact. He set out the stakes in the election. He argued the fact that democracy itself was on the line – which it was – and it did have an impact (as Newt graciously admits). But it’s not because of the despicable demonization of the GOP. It is because Biden magnificently articulated the threat that the MAGA movement poses going forward toward 2024 and generations beyond.

Anyone who doubts the accuracy or importance of Biden’s framing need only watch the Arizona gubernatorial race going forward if Kari Lake remains a percentage point behind Katie Hobbs.

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