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Cowardly Kevin McCarthy Will Allow MTG to Investigate Pelosi on Jan 6th and the ‘Murder of Ashli Babbit’

They better be careful in their investigations. They also better be careful as to who is running the House of Representatives. Right now, from the view from the outside (the only one available to any of us), it looks like Marjorie Taylor-Greene is actually running the GOP House Caucus and is the de facto Speaker. Actually, the vote for Speaker isn’t until January 2nd, and there is no rule that the GOP House leader must be voted in as Speaker.

The good news is that Marjorie is demanding that the House investigate January 6th, so that’s a relief. The only problem is that they plan on investigating Nancy Pelosi and January 6th, along with the “Murder” of Ashli Babbit.

Pelosi should agree to testify. In fact, she should demand to testify first. Demand two to three days. Sit down in the witness chair, raise her hand, and she’s already half-won. She could show the Republicans that people who have nothing to hide and people who respect subpoenas and their civic duty show up and testify. Then, as she’s asked questions, she could go down the list of things that Trump did not do, including “recommend” that she have a huge National Guard presence.

As for investigating the “Murder” of Ashli Babbit, the Republicans want to be very, very careful. One of the easier charges floated about for Trump on January 6th is either manslaughter or felony murder. Trump engaged in an inherently dangerous felony, and people died. We’ve been assured that Jack Smith is a very clever prosecutor (though, strangely, he doesn’t have that good a record in big federal trials), and a clever prosecutor could pin one of those deaths on Donald Trump. The last thing the Republicans want to do is walk straight into some kind of charge against Trump (or others) involving the death of the rioters.

But according to Steve Bannon, Marj is basically telling McCarthy how he will run the House:

That is kind of what we figured. This is your GOP 2022. Marjorie Taylor Greene is probably its most powerful member. For all those writing Trump off politically (and we’ve done so ourselves), it might behoove us to consider why Marj has so much power and whether pronouncing Trump DOA may be a bit premature.

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