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Ted Cruz HUMILIATED: On Bus Tour Walks Out to ‘Eye of the Tiger’ and Faces Tiny, Tiny Crowd

Ted Cruz seems to believe that he can help other Republicans by touring himself around the country and stumping for the MAGAs. Or, Ted just thinks that a 17-state multi-week bus tour sounds like a lot of fun, especially when a PAC of some kind is picking up the tab for everything, in which case, it does sound like a lot of fun if you’re anyone besides Ted Cruz. It is never fun being Ted.

Regardless, Ted is calling this the Truth and Courage with no sense of irony whatsoever from the man who ran from his home state to the Ritz Carlton in Cancun, only to be caught and called back. He then it worse with lies from there, pretty cowardly and stuffed with lies. Additionally, because MAGAs see politics as all a movie nowadays, entertainment to “own the libs,” all MAGAs (and maybe a few Democrats) follow their leader, Trump, and use walk-on music. Ted used Eye of the Tiger. Now, that song worked for Rocky because, well, he is Rocky and walked out to a massive, sold-out crowd.

Ted? It’s actually pretty damned humiliating to walk out to Eye of the Tiger when there are maybe 100 people there? (That is a shot in the dark, guess. It doesn’t appear like there are many at all.) He looks like a jackass, which is appropriate.

It is probably the sunglasses, cool Ted, that really completes the look. Of course, the harder he tries to be cool, the more embarrassing it is to talk out to Eye of the Tiger in front of a tiny crowd. It is just Ted being Ted, the most hated person in Congress.

Twitter had a field day:

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