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Sweaty, Nervous Trump is Clearly in Decline at Nevada Rally — Calls for Prosecution of Barack ‘Hussein’ Obama

Trump has done a rally the last four weekends. Each one gets longer and longer, the anger building, the creepy QAnon music at the end becoming more apparent and forbidding, and the clear intent in these rallies now isn’t to really “get out the vote” or truly talk about the candidates. It’s nothing more than a means to air out his grievances, calls Democrats and Biden names, talk about who really won in 2020, and generally bask in his own glory in front of people as stupid as this:

And this:

And this: Trump’s most dangerous pull, 35-40% of this country, and the most violent slice, love Putin more than the current U.S. president:

If you ever doubted that it’s all a movie, Trump hangers-on Kash Patel and “Director of National Intelligence” Ric Grenell, the type of low-bar, IQ challenged by loyal forever guys, have walkout music to the rally:

So Trump basks in the glory of some of the country’s stupidest people; the whole thing is nothing but a movie – a very dangerous and sick one – and this movie is meant to mesmerize the already mesmerized. Trump began with absolute insanity, $845 a month is what “inflation” is costing you (?), and then gender mutilation. We must be bad people:

It is like Springsteen playing Born to Run! Remember, this is all a movie/concert. Also, notice how hoarse he is already, weak, let’s them chant, sweating, nashhional committee:

He is playing the same hits from last week. Evidently, all recorded calls are perfect.

Despite the fact that every other president left the documents with the National Archives to secure while they built their libraries which became federal repositories and were never claimed as personal documents. But try explaining something as “nuanced” as that to a MAGA. Trump calls for the prosecution of every living president except Carter (nice of him) and Hillary (of course):

That is exactly 100% provably wrong. There is no “negotiating” Top Secret documents and it’s NOT FINE:

This sounds like a sober, sane ex-president:

Below, remember the MAGAs above, loving Putin? This is Trump’s most dangerous line. There was nothing to “negotiate” with Hitler, and there’s nothing to “negotiate” with Putin, who’s getting his ass kicked out of Ukraine and will be tried for war crimes and isolated from the world. But Trump wants to give Putin something for his trouble. As you can see, Trump is still doing Putin’s bidding:

Oh! And the new MAGA position is “Leave Hunter alone!”

Because the president would leave his son out to dry in order to get Trump? Ffffffff this guy.

Trump at an hour now and becoming less comprehensible (trust us, there’s much more):

Las Vegas is over five hour’s drive from Minden. No wonder Trump’s people wanted the association with Las Vegas.

Does he really want to be bragging about this now? With the committee hearing this week?

As we said LAST WEEK we don’t want to hear the sacred word “Dog” ever come out of Trump’s mouth again. “Dogs” are proof of God’s existence and that God does love humanity, He gave us an example as to how to live:

They aren’t subtle about the agenda:

And that was about it for the sweat-stained, slurred all over, ranting and raving Trump with exactly no new material but taking his dangerous material to a new level. In the morning, we’ll have a breakdown of the reaction. These things often bring about some serious observations.

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