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Michael Moore, Who Predicted Trump’s Win, Says a Democratic ‘Tsunami’ Coming in Midterms

Documentarian Michael Moore famously predicted Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential election win, but now he sees a huge change afoot — in the form of a Democratic “tsunami” during the 2020 midterms, but he added he believes the media may be “too White or too male” to see it coming.

“Four weeks from TODAY, MAGA is about to get the whoopin’ of their lives,” Moore noted on his website Tuesday. Sharing coverage from Salon about his series “Midterm Tsunami of Truth,” the Bowling for Columbine filmmaker said he thinks the “narrative” that “the party in power in power always loses the midterms” will soon be “put out to pasture in OK Boomerville.”

Sophia A. McClennen, who writes for Salon, discussed Moore’s predictions in her report, including his belief that “an unprecedented tsunami of voters” will flood the polls (haha — see what I did there?) during the midterms and will “nonviolently, legally, and without mercy remove every last stinking traitor to our Democracy.” Each day he’s been writing “snack size arguments” to support his “tsunami” claim, Mediaite reports.

Moore is not happy with the way the media when it comes to “rigorous debates” that keep happening over the prospects of both political parties in several tight races as the midterms loom because this could very well shift the balance of power in Congress in favor of Republicans or Democrats.

While writing about this, Moore now believes the media is either “overworked” “too White” or “too male” to see what he sees coming.

To my way of thinking, if anyone understands this well, it’s Moore. The Fahrenheit 9/11 filmmaker writes:

“Much of what many in the media are telling you is patently false and just plain wrong. They are simply regurgitating old narratives and stale scripts. They are either too overworked or too lazy or too White and too male to open their eyes and see the liberal/left/progressive/working class and female uprising that is right now underway.”

Moore is so convinced and so enthusiastic about this that he got into a bit of a kerfuffle with a skeptical Bill Maher on Real Time with Bill Maher, which led the comedian/pundit to tell Moore to “shut the f*ck up” because, according to Mediaite, “Moore droned on and on about Democrats taking out the traitors.”

All I can say is I hope Moore is right. Perhaps this election will be led by legions of angry women and other people who are tired of Republicans trampling on what should be essential rights.

We need a rebellion at the polls. Now is the time.

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