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Melania is Trending on Twitter — Could it Be Because of This Photo of Trump and His Lawyer?

Twitter is fascinated with Melania.

For one, the MAGAs love her, and we don’t mean platonic adoration of her as a wonderful first lady. This is true lust, perhaps “Trumped” only by Ivanka. (Not necessarily, but it’s kinda entertaining to consider). They certainly appreciate her “look.” And Independents and Democrats often write about Melania because she’s doing something utterly inane or self-absorbed. She is a very popular topic on Twitter.

We often end up searching for the reason because she can be a canary in the coal mine as to which direction the MAGA movement will take. If she’s more visible, one can sort of assume that she’ll be doing some business or a MAGA thing is going well. If she goes into hiding, things get worse. Here we have a quandary. Things are getting worse, but she’s visible.

Many people believe that Trump’s new attorney is Melania’s body double. She is not. Unless there is something deeply nefarious that isn’t known by anyone, Melania doesn’t have a body double. It’s never been proven, and until proven, we’re not going to report it as such. But this picture is making the rounds as “the one.”

She does look a lot like Melania, which might mean nothing more than Trump has a certain type, and it even extends to lawyers, which would explain why he is in such legal trouble so often. Such an odd photo, which Trump standing over her, almost like he owns her.

Alina Habba is definitely a good looking woman, and people on Twitter seem to think Melania has a reason to worry:

Others think Melania is trending for other reasons:

Forget the first clause. Melania will never be forgiven for ruining the rose garden.

The above is pretty typical.

The ultimate question is below. We don’t know the answer. We have a hunch, but we don’t publish hunches.

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