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Jim Acosta Struggles to Keep a Straight Face After James Carville Totally Humiliates Republican Strategist Scott Jennings

Once again, CNN’s show with Jim Acosta was the non-sports place to be this Saturday afternoon. Of course, Acosta’s show, under new MAGA-Friendly CNN Management, had to pick up the ridiculous assertion of Scott Jennings, Republican strategist, on why it is that OPEC cut petroleum production by three million barrels last week.

Our MAGA boy blames Biden, saying that it’s because OPEC sees Biden as “weak.” Who else is sick and F’ing tired of this “strong/weak” MAGA obsession? They took pride in the fact that Russia helped push Trump over the finish line and that Saudi Arabia wanted Trump to win. Who is the “weak” one when your enemies are trying to get you elected? Russia saw Trump as unstable and Russian-friendly. WEAK.

But here is what the propaganda has done, from outside Trump’s Las Vegas rally:

How perfect. How weak is MAGA? They’re lapping up Putin poop.

Regardless, OPEC didn’t cut production because “Biden is weak.” To the extent that OPEC cut production to impact the U.S., it was to get Republicans who oppose the greener America elected and – perhaps, to help out their buddy, Trump. Cutting oil production with a Democrat in office is not exactly a new trick for OPEC.

But James Carville was there to save the day to drop some damned reality into the situation. First, Russia is not our ally. Russia wants to see the U.S. destroyed as a shining light for fairness and democracy. Russia wants to turn the United States into a corrupt, autocratic state, pulling out of NATO, all of it. That’s why he’s a MAGA hero, as Carville rightly notes. But Putin’s plan is not working under Biden because Biden is, most certainly, kicking Putin’s ass, Putin underestimated Biden.

We don’t have troops on the ground, but none of us outside of the Ukrainian forces will ever know how much U.S. intelligence and military aid involves real-time coordination of targets into U.S.-built drones and missiles. We cannot know, but the Ukrainians are awfully effective, that’s for sure.

Tell the GOP who is strong, James:

THANK YOU.  So so so sick of the “Biden is weak,” “Trump was strong,” bullsh*t. Being a ranting and raving lunatic isn’t “strong.”

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