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MAGA Dude Who Gave Up His Inheritance to Join the ‘People’s Convoy’ Has Tearful Breakdown, ‘I AM THE MOVEMENT!’

Okay this is just sad. It is. This is a severely broken man, and I find myself having a difficult time even writing about him. But it’s also important, because this is MAGA, and this is what the Trump cult does to people.

Let’s start with the People’s Convoy, remember that? The People’s Convoy was organized by a group of truckers to protest vaccine mandates, but then slowly changed into a hodgepodge protest against everything Joe Biden was doing. The convoy was a huge failure, and most of the people just went back home when their plans to disrupt Washington DC completely failed.

Well, some people just couldn’t give it up. An article in The Washington Post reported that there are still a few convoy members staying in DC. The Post said, “They were hoping that thousands or maybe even millions of other Americans would join their cause, Tom Fisher, 70, a retired state park ranger from Arizona said as he stood in the shade on a blistering hot Washington afternoon last week. Instead, there are about two dozen stalwarts who’ve camped out with American flag-draped cars and trucks since July 6 to demonstrate against what they say is America’s slow but sure abandonment of the Constitution and to call for a peaceful return ‘to a constitutional Republic through the restoration of a moral society.'”

Well, one of those stalwarts isn’t taking things very well.

I don’t know his name, but it seems he goes by the handle “Golden Chariot”. He is pictured in The Washington Post article. You can see him in the center in the red t-shirt, hand over his heart.

Daily Beast politics reporter Zachary Petrizzo tweeted a video of this guy yesterday, and it seems he’s really having a hard time. It’s difficult to understand what he’s saying, outside of “I am the movement”. He’s breathing heavily and on the verge of tears. He continues, “What did I do? Not a damn thing!” Well sir, you believed Trump, that’s what you did.

From looking through other videos, it appears he may have been kicked out of the group. There are other videos that show he wasn’t allowed into the Bunker Hill Monument which was probably a good move:

In a video from May, a man who seems to be the man in the video above, is seen saying he spent his entire inheritance on the convoy:

I could make a joke that his inheritance would’ve been better spent on dental work, but that would be mean. The point really is that Trump is destroying lives. And while people on Twitter were making some jokes, most were showing grace and humanity and hoping someone would help this man:

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