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Trump’s Interview With Piers Morgan is the Gift That Keep Giving: Now Trump Refuses to Answer the Question, ‘What is a Woman?’

Guess who else isn't a biologist.

In a Tuesday interview with British television presenter Piers Morgan, former President Donald Trump declined to answer a pretty simple question.

During a discussion about transgender athletes competing in women’s sports, Morgan asked Trump “What is a woman?”

I’m not going to respond to the question. A woman is someone that swims at a certain time and doesn’t get beat by 38 seconds.

Last month, Lia Thomas of the University of Pennsylvania became the first openly transgender swimmer to win an NCAA Division I championship when she won the 500-yard freestyle swimming event.

One might think that other trans athletes had actually won events, due to all of the agonizing about them by conservatives the last few years, but Thomas was the first in any sport.

It’s not clear what is so confusing to conservatives about what trans athletes must go through in order to compete in sports reserved for the gender they have transitioned to. They must undergo hormone replacement therapy that dials back their physical abilities to be in line with other competitors, so there is no physical advantage.

It’s not like a fully grown male is donning a one-piece bathing suit and swimming against a bunch of girls.

Interestingly, Republicans don’t seem to have an issue with female-to-male transgender athletes competing against other men. It’s kind of like how they enjoy lesbian porn but think two boys kissing is the grossest thing they’ve ever seen.

Ketanji Brown Jackson, just confirmed to the Supreme Court, also famously refused to define what a woman is. But she did so because Republican questioners in the Senate were trying to gin up opposition to transgender athletes competing in the sports meant for the gender they had transitioned to.

She told Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee that she couldn’t define what a woman was because she was “not a biologist.”

Watch the exchange between Morgan and Trump below:

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