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Mike Pence Comes Clean About What He’d Say to His Own Child if They Came Out as Gay

He's never been shy about his religion.

Appearing recently at the University of Virginia as a guest of the conservative student group on campus, former Vice President Mike Pence was asked what he would say to his own hypothetical gay child.

What he said may have shocked people at first — that he would tell “him” that he loved him — but don’t worry. He went back to being a bigot right away.

I’d look him in the eye and say I love you. But let me say on this issue, if we got to know each other, you’d know the Pences love everybody. We treat everybody the way we want to be treated. But on this issue, and it’s frankly something that when the Obergefell decision was made which legalized same-sex marriage in America, the Supreme Court, Justice Kennedy wrote at the end, that this decision will likely create an intersection and tension between people in same-sex relationships and people in the exercise of their religious liberty.

Mike, that’s not how religious liberty works. It’s not a thing where you get to have a religion that dictates other people’s lives. It just means that YOU can worship as you see fit.

Some students took issue with Pence appearing at the school at all. One noted that the university presents itself as inclusive, then hypocritically brings “somebody here so vocally against LGBTQ rights.”

Others thought that even if they disagreed with Pence’s politics or views on gay rights, he had a right to speak.

And of course the issue of transgender NCAA championship swimmer Lia Thomas came up since the female-born second place swimmer was a student at UVA. A student complained that Emma Weyant had been “robbed” of victory by Thomas, who was born male.

Few seem to grasp that transgender athletes are required to undergo rigorous medical changes that remove any strength advantages between biological males and females.

Still, Pence didn’t hesitate to pretend that Lia Thomas didn’t even exist:

Thank you so much for that thoughtful question. Emma Weyant won that race.

At least he has the decency to love his own hypothetical gay kid. We think.

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