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Legal Expert Says Don Jr.’s Text Shows ‘Coup Was the Plan From the Get-Go’ — Leaving ‘Proof of Corrupt Intent’

Was anyone else really shaken up by the fact that Trump kept saying that he got 75 million votes, more than any president in history, and he occasionally dropped in a comment like, “people said 68 million would win, 75 million was guaranteed”? It almost seemed like the number was a mark, didn’t it? As if that number could be… guaranteed somehow?

We are ahead of ourselves. According to a new article in MSN, some legal experts are saying exactly what we at this site said on the day Junior’s text came out. The text was too specific, too nuanced, and aware of the process to have been devised by anyone the day they figured out they would lose the election. In other words, they had planned a coup before the election, knowing that their 75 million vote number was in trouble, given how many people were voting by mail.

“What this makes clear is that Jan. 6 was not based on a belief, good faith or otherwise, that the outcome of the 2020 election was decided incorrectly—they were plotting this before the votes had even been counted! The coup was the plan from the get-go,” Asha Rangappa, a lawyer and senior lecturer at Yale University as well as a former FBI special agent, tweeted on Friday.

Laurence Tribe, legal scholar and Professor of Constitutional Law at Harvard, made a fantastic point in response to Rangappa’s tweet:

It is true. It is the only context in which the text makes sense. They saw the number of votes projected to be cast and knew – however they might’ve done it before, they couldn’t account for that many votes, and they would need another way. Republicans always count on depressing the vote to win. Look at Texas (a state that is actually purple if it voted like Washington), look at the red state reaction to the loss, the new laws past by gerrymandered supermajorities in statehouses. Mail-in voting ruined their plans.

It also blows up all claims that the election was rigged. Don Jr. doesn’t make one reference to hand recounts or proving Democrats had a plan to stuff ballot boxes. They knew they lost fair and square and they knew they were going to take it away, illegally and dangerously.

We wrote an article in August of 2020 that – following up on Michael Cohen’s warning that Trump would never give up power willingly – predicted the Trumps would have a plan to get the election to the House of Representatives, where they were guaranteed to win. We aren’t geniuses nor time travelers. We all read a lot written by geniuses that set out how it could be done. We said it would be done.

We certainly were not alone, and now the proof is starting to come in. Don Jr.’s text is a massive piece of that proof because there is no conceivable way Junior came up with that plan and no conceivable way it got from an expert to him in two days. It was the plan going in.

We are still bothered by the 75 million vote thing, like a mark. Did they know they could get that?


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