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Lauren Boebert Wants to Humiliate and Remove the Rights of Transgendered People When They Fly

Hate is all she knows.

There are plenty of observations one can make regarding the difference between Republicans and Democrats. But the biggest one, honestly, is that Democrats want to legislate things that create more freedom, and Republicans want to take that freedom away.

Maybe you’re under the mistaken impression that Democrats want to curtail Second Amendment rights. Maybe you think that they want to “ban the Bible.” Maybe you think that Democrats want to force you to send your child to school to be taught by a gay teacher that same-sex kissing is required.

All of that is nonsense, of course.

But that’s what Republicans would like you to believe. And Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert is no exception. So when the Department of Homeland Security introduced new measures to be more inclusive of transgender people in airports, Boebert was up in arms.

Regarding the new measures, Boebert told Business Insider:

If you doubt the Biden regime is on a woke crusade to remake America in its own image, then look no further than the TSA’s new trans screening policies. Decreasing pat-downs and identity validation measures for people identifying as transgender might validate delusional leftists, but it does nothing for passenger safety. In fact, they are practically inviting terrorists to take advantage of our weak and woke security systems. The TSA literally has one job—and this isn’t it.

Some of this is carryover from the Bush era, when we began requiring people to take off their shoes at airports because one guy tried — and failed — to detonate an explosive he had in his shoe on an airplane.

But mostly it’s just that Republicans hate the idea of inclusivity. Mostly it’s just conservatives making sure that America isn’t able to care for its LGBTQ+ community.

The bill that Boebert introduced would prohibit the federal government from using taxpayer funds to “remove biologically determined sex-based screening procedures from security screening.”

In shorthand, that means it prevents the TSA from being compassionate when it comes to transgender people.

That seems to be all that Republicans are concerned with these days.

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