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Hundreds of GOP Legislators Now in Legal Jeopardy After Being Implicated in Trump’s Coup Attempt

This is huge.

We reported earlier about a Zoom call that Donald Trump participated in that took place on January 2, 2021. It featured a number of former Trump officials and lawyers, and was hosted by a group called “Got Freedom?”

Now we are learning that the other participants on the call — nearly 300 GOP state legislators — could be implicated in what is now being called a coup attempt.

The House Special Select Committee on January 6 uncovered a text sent to Trump’s former chief of staff, Mark Meadows. In it was the revelation that Trump had been on a massive call discussing delaying the certification of the election. That was the supposed reason for the riots at the Capitol on January 6.

But lost in the headline was the fact that legislators from Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin were also on the call.

One columnist at The Bulwark, Amanda Carpenter, noted the oversight:

We focused a ton on Trump’s call to Brad Raffensberger but the idea Trump was coordinating with potentially hundreds of state legislators to block Biden’s certification is…major. We should talk about that a lot more.

“Got Freedom?” released a statement the day of the call that described the purpose and participants. It was held,

…to review the extensive evidence of irregularities and lawlessness in the 2020 presidential election.

Nearly 300 state lawmakers and others participated in the briefing, which also featured an address by President Trump. Also on the call were Rudy Giuliani; professor of law John EastmanPeter Navarro, Assistant to the President for Trade and Manufacturing (appearing in his personal capacity), and John Lott, Senior Advisor, U.S. Department of Justice (also appearing in his personal capacity).

It could be that they just don’t understand that the internet is forever, and they can never successfully hide the activity they do online. But it seems like someone from a group that large would grasp that it would implicate them in the future.

Who knows? They may actually be that dumb.

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