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Conservative Pundit Steve Schmidt Goes Nuts Over Don Jr.’s Putin-Esque Texts to Mark Meadows

Zero chill.

Steve Schmidt, the Republican-turned-Democrat who ran John McCain’s presidential campaign, had a bit of a meltdown this weekend.

It was understandable since he was responding to news that Donald Trump Junior had sent texts to his father’s former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, about how they could hang on to the presidency by any means necessary.

Don told Meadows that there were multiple ways to do it and “we control them all.” He implied that Republican-controlled states could simply overturn their election results and install Trump-friendly electors who would favor him in the electoral college tally.

Schmidt was having absolutely none of it:

As you can see from the abundance of capital letters, Steve was miffed.

Later in the series of tweets, Schmidt drew the line and said that the entire Trump family should never even be close to holding elected office again:

A Presidents SON has no standing in this land. He holds no TITLE and no HONORS . He is simply a citizen. NO MORE and NO LESS than any other CITIZEN. He has no authority, no special privilege. HE CONTROLS NOTHING.

The FACT that @DonaldJTrumpJr speaks like that shows his malice and autocratic heart. He speaks in the language of political violence. It is the language of PUTIN. American Presidents and their sons control nothing. Trump jr showed in real time how much Trump, his aides and family hate that idea. These people must never hold any position of power or public responsibility ever again.

Schmidt wasn’t done:

Steve, welcome to the shindig. We’re already a few cocktails in.

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