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Charlie Kirk Thinks That Disney is Trying to Turn Children Gay, ‘Why Else Would You Have Two Dudes Kissing in a Film?’

Because they have nothing better to do, apparently.

Prominent conservative commentator Charlie Kirk has a theory. Now that same-sex marriage is legal in every state, he believes that the LGBTQ community has a new goal: Boosting their own ranks.

Not recruiting, mind you. Charlie actually believes that gay people want to turn more people gay. And he thinks that Disney is helping accomplish that goal.

In a lengthy rant on Wednesday, Kirk outlined his problems with Disney.

Once the groups are formed — it’s not like all of a sudden the ACLU and the LGBT groups, like, disassemble. Like oh, we got gay marriage done, now we can just put our paperwork away. No, it’s an entire cottage industry of outrage and hysteria. It gave them meaning and purpose. And so now it’s not about making gay marriage legal – it’s legal in every single state. That was always their big fight. No, no. Now it’s about making your kids gay.

Why else would you want to have two dudes or two women kissing in a Disney film? What is the agenda? To expose them to it or to increase the ranks of the LGBTQ community? What is the process? People were gay before this sort of nonsense was happening. So why exactly are you doing this? They’re like, well, we want to have four-year-olds that have homosexual attractions to know they’re not alone when they’re watching movies. Really? A four-year-old? Like, four-year-olds are eating dirt. I don’t think they’re exactly making very deep arguments about what they’re sexually attracted to.

First of all, Chuckles, if there is an agenda, it’s about normalization. If little Suzy is shown at a young age that her two dads aren’t some kind of weirdos, maybe she’ll be better able to stick up for herself when bigots call her weird for having two dads.

More importantly, it’s about representation. Gay people exist whether you like it or not. It almost seems like Charlie gets the concept by mentioning that Disney wants kids to know they’re not alone if they feel same-sex attraction. But it’s a swing and a miss if he thinks that the Disney audience is constrained to children under 5.

Nobody’s trying to turn kids gay, Charlie. That’s not a thing.


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