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Charlie Kirk Says You Can Thank Transgender People For Inflation, ‘There’s a Direct Connection to Inflation and the Trans Issue’

Um, okay, Charlie.

Whenever I see my dog stretch out, his tiny fuzzy white butt in the air, front legs extended, I think, “That’s a Republican right there.”


So it’s hard not to see Charlie Kirk, the most prominent conservative with a weird face, as kind of like a dog. And that perception didn’t change a bit on Wednsday. Kirk explained to his fans on The Charlie Kirk Show that inflation is due to the same mentality that allows transgender people to believe they exist.

One of the reasons why we take such a strong stance and opinion on the trans issue is it’s an issue of reality. You do not get to determine your own reality.

When you start to indulge in the belief that you could become whatever you want and reality is subjective, not objective, you’re going to have ramifications that nobody anticipated or intended.

First of all, Charlie, reality is, in fact, subjective. Yes, there are correct ways to spell words and math is a thing, but reality for a Christian and a Hindu couldn’t be more different. Reality for a black man during a traffic stop is nothing like reality for a white woman.

So, there’s a direct connection to inflation and the trans issue. You say, Charlie, come on. They couldn’t be further apart. No, they’re exactly the same. They’re the same in this aspect – when you believe that men can become women, why wouldn’t you also believe that you could print wealth? If you believe that someone can change their gender, why wouldn’t you also believe that money is wealth?

Now there are very simple laws of economics. Just like there’s laws of nature. There’s laws of physics, laws of thermodynamics, laws of biology.

We must live according to those laws. We believe there’s a lawmaker and a designer and being Christians, we believe those laws were made to be followed for our flourishing and our prosperity.– You live in defiance to the law, you lie steal or cheat, you actually won’t flourish. You’ll be miserable. You’ll be unhappy. You’ll get further from God’s wish for you.

No, Mr. Kirk. “WE” don’t believe that God designed the universe and that there are no such thing as transgender people. YOU believe that. That’s okay, you’re allowed to be a lousy, arrogant, and bigoted as you like. But don’t put that on the rest of us.

The problem is, to conservatives, people’s identity is political. It’s not, of course; whether a dude likes to kiss other dudes has nothing to do with politics. I personally know a transgender person who voted for Trump.

Who we are is not political. But the fact that Republicans believe that they can turn identities into political classifications is more than a little bit disturbing.


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